This just happened...been shopping with Bi-Lo's for years(Red Food) The store #503 on 23rd St (Chattanooga) has "changed" policy on the buy 1 get 1 free on MEATS without informing the customers...I purchased some baby back ribs @ $20.00 +, they're small, my thinking was for $10 + i'll go ahead and get the little fella's...for whatever reason about thirty minutes later i was just scanning the receipt and low and behold i was charged $20 +for the buy 1 get 1 free. I went back to Bi-Lo's to customer service and asked what was going on?

The lady talking in a "low" tone of voice (manager was right to her left) said there had been some changes.The mananger "jumped in" the conversation "WE" changed that six months ago! I told the mananger that i was'nt talking to him,the lady had explained it to me!(He was listning all along!) I'm a little pissed now cause he see the Hamilton Police (security)come throuhg the door and NOW wanna get into the conversation. That did'nt stop me from asking my question...WHY the customers CAN'T be informed by the cashiers! I was told the cashiers are NOT obligated to tell the customer ANYTHING...I ASKED "who" get the OTHER slab of ribs that i ALREADY paid for?

I asked is it right for Bi-Lo to keep the FREE part and "resell" what a customer has already PAID for? Should'nt the cashier at least say you only have ONE slab of rib you may as well get another one you're paying for it.How many people DID'NT catch this? I think about Seniors who don't realize whats going on!!The guy (manager) said the change was made on MEAT six months ago...WHO ALL KNEW? How many people have been short changed?

I've had to go back to the store because something was in the WRONG place...bought some srimp...just happen to look at the receipt..$30!

WHAT...was told the WRONG price was on that slot. I noticed if you're not careful you'll pick up an item that you THOUGHT it cost a certain amount.The EVENING shift brought some older guy in as a MANAGER who was seemingly working as a "undercover" boss who seems NOT customer friendly!!All i can say is carefully look at prices/ check you receipt!!!

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1346217

If you took two seconds to read the big sign that was displayed, the sign that included the price of your particular meat, or the yellow sticker on the meat that states "must buy two" you wouldn't have had an issue. The meat used to be wrapped with the free portion included, when they stopped prewrapping it you had to take the time to pick up the second package. Maybe you should read before getting angry at everyone else for your lack of education.

Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #968694

I have seen items incorrectly placed.In reference to the buy 1 get one free (meats) most people focus on the 1 free,not the "smaller" print. I agree the cashiers should inform the customers,especially our Seniors or folk that don't see so well. Everyone isn't a smart shopper.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States #834280

Signs were placed at the market. I saw them, the stickers on the meat say "must buy 2" I think maybe you didn't see the signs.


Bi-Lo needs to taste test items they put out from their bakery. I picked up a small 'strawberry sundae' displayed next to the cash register.

When I got it home, it had crumbles of something resembling cake and chemical-strawberry flavored gel with a huge glob of white chemicals three times bigger than the 'dessert' below. Honestly, I don't even know a junk food junky who would eat this. It was $2.00 for a small cup of chemicals. So, so scary, and I am not a food naturalist.

I cannot imagine what they would say. Bi-Lo, please taste your products before you put them on display.

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