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I would say to whom it may concern but apparently it don't concern anybody there at Bilo to all of a sudden close your pharmacies without any warning without any notifications without anything and throw us out in the Wind so because of your showing how much you appreciate me as one of your bad customers I'm going to return the favor I along with my family and friends and everyone I can speak to will no longer use your store to buy groceries or anything of that matter we do not care if it cost more in other places which you're probably one of the highest stores in town already but I patronize you store because of the pharmacy that you had and because of the way I've been treated I will flush you like you flushed me who ever done this deed without warning which is okay to close your Pharmacy if that's your choice but you could give someone Apple time to find a place where they can afford to pay for their prescriptions not just send us to the highest place in town CVS whose idea was that not very bright am I upset of course I am because I thought I was a bad customer but apparently it's all about the dollar bill regardless of the customer care less about the customer you just want what's in his pocket and because of this I will no longer dark in the doors of a Bi-Lo grocery store ever again along with family and friends and whoever else I can convince not to go to this place of non-caring I see you've moved on into the category with Walmart you're all in the same boat and I hope it sinks soon I hope you go down hope you go out of business hope you lose thousands and millions and millions of dollars because of the courtesy you shown me and my wife thank you so much for the way we've been treated

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