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I have had a few issues at this grocery store.One Sunday i was in the store, i hsd more than $300.00 worth of groceries in my cart.

I heard the checkout guy say, "My goodnes she has too much groceries, he knew i heard him, he never spoke to me the whole time and the look on his face, let me know he didnt want to be there. I stopped coming to your store and started going to one of your competitors, i only came back because Bilo has the yogurt I like. Last Sunday after work i was in your store, bought more than $300 worth of groceries again, I asked the girl did they have any bag boys and she said no. I informed her that I had RA and i couldn't pay for the groceries and bag them too, she called for help, the store manager was entertaining a little girl near the balloon stand, she ignored the page, by the time she came to take out, i had done it myself, literally reaching over the counter.

When she got there she thought i wanted someone to help me to the car. She tried to help with the few bags that were left, i refused her help.

I am a dissatisfied customer, if i can get your competitor to carry the yogurt i will not purchase my groceries there again.There are 2 other stores in the same area.

Review about: Bilo Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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Don't come to the UK!!! We bag our own groceries and no one whines about it!

to Anonymous Williamston, South Carolina, United States #1343481

Thanks for the tip. I wasn't planning to go to the UK anyway, since I've heard all European customer service stinks, but it's nice to hear straight from the horse's mouth.

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