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The BiLo in North Myrtle Beach where I live, is horrible. They are so rude.

Accused me of trying to steal a shopping cart, when I was trying to take my groceries to the car, publicly humiliated me. I am visually impaired, and they will never help me with anything. The managers are rude. When I tried to complain, they accused me of making a scene, told me to leave, and called the police, and gave me a trespass order, and because I only have a golf cart it was the only store I could get to.

They are really rude, and unprofessional. They have been really unhelpful, zero costumer service.

Their attitude is that they are right and the costumer should be treated like ***, even if they are disabled, horrible, horrible store. It is like Jim Crow south, just a travesty, the worst business I have ever been to.

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