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In late March 2015, I was shopping at the Bi Lo Grocery at Hudson Corners in Taylors SC., when I overheard an employee in the meat section and a customer having a very "lively discussion" about how they should assassinate president Obama ("we should pop the president"). I approached the customer and the employee and explained how inappropriate that conversation was in public in front of customers.

I proceeded to talk to the manager and he explained that he would handle the situation. I called the Bi Lo corp office to express my concerns and they explained to me they would get back to me with a resolution. I'm still waiting on this resolution!!!

I will not be shopping at a store that allows this type of employee and this behavior. BTW-this guy still works at the store!!

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Williamston, South Carolina, United States #1343955

Good for you. You did the right thing.


get over it you ***

to Anonymous Williamston, South Carolina, United States #1343953

Politics should not be discussed at the workplace. The complainant is correct. No need for your belligerence.


Get a LIFE!!! Couple of people talking about the shared interest and offend you? You are the problems of the world, not them...

to Anonymous Williamston, South Carolina, United States #1343951

Politics should be kept out of the workplace. I can't discuss politics with my co-workers while I'm working. It's a common sense rule that most companies have.


How is disliking Obama a racist thing? I wish I had been that customer you approached, I would ripped you a new *** and embarrassed you so bad, you would never show your face in public again. Get stuffed, you nasty old busybody!

to Anonymous Williamston, South Carolina, United States #1343950

Employees should never discuss politics (as well as religion) while at work. Most workplaces have this rule.

Mine does. The Bi-Lo employee's behavior was inappropriate. And why did you mention racism? The complainant made no mention of it.

Racism isn't the issue.

It's that politics should be kept out of the workplace. There's no need for your nastiness.

to Anonymous Williamston, South Carolina, United States #1343961

Correction:. The complaint did mention racism. But since so much of the hatred for Obama was rooted in racism, although one can't assume from the information given that in this particular case it was, it's yet another good reason that employers should restrict their employees from discussing politics at work.


First, Hudson Corners is in Greer, not Taylors. It is located at the southwest corner of Old Spartanburg Road and Hudson Road.

Second, Bi-Lo does not have a store at Hudson Corners.

It did have a store, Food$mart #393, from 2001 to 2005, which was previously Harris Teeter. Bi-Lo has a store, store 5274, at Brushy Creek Crossing, 2460 Hudson Road, Greer, South Carolina 29650-2923.


Yeah....they ask you for comments and dont bother reading them or caring.


Just because its not politically correct everyone has right to vent and freedom of speech regardless of anyones approval. Just as you had freedom to complain about it

to Anonymous Williamston, South Carolina, United States #1343960

The First Amendment only protects freedom of speech from intrusion from the government. Employers have the right to restrict their employees speech while employees are working.

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